9-Toed Dragon

Killarney Lake, located in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, is known as a cryptozoological goldmine. For centuries people have been finding unusual and rare creatures in and around the lake.
Coleman Frog

The famous Coleman frog, a monster creature captured in the lake in 1889 (now on display at the York Sunbury Museum) is just one of many odd creatures thought to reside in the lake.
9-Toed Dragon

Fast forward to 2014, when on March 24th,  a group of outdoor enthusiasts were exploring the back woods of Killarney Lake park when they happened upon an incredible finding.  

For years there have been rumors of a creature living in Killarney that is much more menacing than a giant frog. The 9-Toed Dragon. Once thought to be simple lore, the 9-Toe Dragon has now been confirmed as real!

Wayne Gallant Holds the Dragon specimen

Wayne Gallant, a local businessman and avid hunter made the discovery, "I didn't know what it was. I've hunted just about every living creature in this province and I've never seen anything like that Dragon. I'm sure glad that it was dead though, I wouldn't want to meet up with that thing if it weren't!"

Local cryptozoology experts were quick to clarify that the 9-Toe Dragon isn't a dragon in the classical sense. "It is actually a type of lizard in Varanus genus", says a local expert. "This is a particularly large specimen!"

This is the first evidence of this specific species and the first ever of a large lizard living in New Brunswick.  Experts warn people that they should be on the lookout for these creatures as they might be dangerous. Other related members of the Varanus genus, include the Komodo Dragon, are known to be highly venomous.

"If you spot one of these creatures, alive, give it a wide berth and report your sighting immediately to the Department of Natural Resources."

Asked why he didn't save the specimen for analysis Mr. Gallant said, "Steph would kill me if I brought another dead animal home!"

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