Wednesday, January 8, 2014

9-Toes - Your race handout

Course handouts are provided at registration on the day of the event. It is recommended that you register at least an hour before the start so that you have enough time to complete the registration and plan your route.

Each team will receive a kit containing the following items:

Individual waivers

Each team member will be required to complete a waiver form. This form is a requirement of our insurance company and must be completed unless the racer is a youth in Scouts or Guides.

Race guide and rules

The race guide and rules handout provides details of:

Safety bearings

A safety bearing is a compass heading that can be used, from any point in the course, to provide a guaranteed route back to civilization if you get lost. It is important to realize that this may not be an easy or comfortable route since it will probably involve bushwhacking. However, it is a good method to find your way back to safety if you otherwise can't find yourself on the map.

What to do if you get lost

The safety bearing is an option for getting yourself un-lost. However, in most cases, it is advisable ,instead, to simply stay where you are until found. Blow your whistle periodically to aid being found. The total area of the course is not large and you will be found reasonably quickly. Call the emergency number if you have a cell phone and signal.

Instructions for the maps

Details will be provided, if required to clarify aspects of the maps or how the maps should be referenced.

Race start and end details

The details of the start and end times for the race as well as the penalties for being late. You will be penalized heavily for being late.

Control point instructions

The booklet will provide detailed instructions on what the control points will look like, how they can be confirmed and what to do if one is missing. 

Scoring details

The course will include variable points for CPs. Your team's strategy should take into account the point values so that you can maximize your score. However, be forewarned, higher points mean more difficult navigation or terrain!

Course rules

The rules for the race are pretty straight forward. The most important ones are:

  • Stay within 100m of your team
  • No littering
  • Respect the land
  • No motorized transportation
  • No GPS (except for emergency use)

Score sheet

Each team will receive a single score sheet. Do not lose your score sheet or you will not receive any points for controls visited.


Your team will receive a single set of maps. The maps will include topographic (topo) maps as well as park maps. Topo maps include physical and geographic features of the area and will be in proper scale. Park maps may not be to scale but often provide insight into specific park features that might be useful for navigation. 

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