Tuesday, January 7, 2014

9-Toes - Race Format

At 5 hours, the 9-Toe Winter Adventure Race is considered a "sprint" length event (any race under 6 hours is a sprint). For those familiar with orienteering races, the navigation style for the race is a Rogaine.

In rogaine races teams compete in an open course with no defined route. Teams choose the best route, best checkpoint (CP) order, and which checkpoints to find. There is no requirement to find all checkpoints and it is very likely that no teams will complete the entire course.

Racers will compete in teams of, ideally, 2 to 4 individuals.


Racers will gather up to 2 hours before the race to register, sign waivers and receive:
  • Map(s)
  • Instructions
  • Score card
Once the teams have their maps they will find a comfortable spot to sit and plan their route. (more on route planning later)

The Race

The race will start as a mass start will all teams in all three categories starting at the same time. Teams will follow, as best as they can, their planned route from CP to CP using only map and compass. 

Racers can take trails, roads or bushwhack to get to their CPs, unless an area has been defined as off limits.

Most CPs will be off of the trail and in the woods, use your map and the clues to find the CP. Usually they are near some sort of feature that will help with the locating. Common features include:
  • Trail junctions
  • Large trees
  • Bodies of water
  • Streams
  • Rock formations
  • Tree formations 
  • Clearings in the trees

The CPs are marked by a cone with ribbon and reflectors. Each cone has a number that confirms that you are at the right CP. Each CP will also have a ribbon with a word marked on it. That word is the "code" that you must record. Write the code word on the score sheet. Don't lose your score sheet or you will not receive any points.

Make sure that you leave enough time at the end of the race to finish on time. Teams will lose the value of one CP for each minute late. 

Post race

The race directors will tally the points. Drink a cup of hot chocolate, eat a burger, watch the other teams finish and enjoy the stories! 

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