Our Goals

The primary goal is more adventure! More adventure racers, more adventure races, more adventure race companies, more adventure race directors… more adventure is good adventure! However, this is no easy task. With nearly 20 years of adventure races in the Atlantic Provinces, the community’s biggest issue remains the inability to successfully market the sport. Companies and individuals who host races simply don’t have a budget to produce a significant marketing campaign, and new race directors don’t have any infrastructure with which to get started. Right now there may be hundreds of would-be enthusiastic adventure racers and dozens of would-be race directors in all four Provinces who simply don’t realize that this sport exists let alone exists in their own back yard.

Race Atlantic has immediate and long term goals that will help find these would-be racers and race directors.

Immediately, Race Atlantic plans to establish an online presence as the hub for event listings, schedules, news, social media and all things adventure racing or even all things adventure related! As well, Race Atlantic plans to assemble a starter kit for new race directors that provides easy to share infrastructure, effectively sharing experience and lessons learned to reduce growing pains for new faces.

Long term goals include having active racers and teams from all four Atlantic Provinces, having established adventure races in all four Atlantic Provinces and ultimately having a sustainable community.

Achieving these goals will require something new, and Race Atlantic will strive to find new ways in our pursuit!