Who we are

Individually, the members of Race Atlantic come from varied backgrounds; veteran racers, new racers, competitive racers, recreational racers, race directors, volunteers and more. Together, the Race Atlantic team all have one very important thing in common: the desire to make adventure racing better for Atlantic Canadians.

Earliest known adventure races in Atlantic Canada started in the late 1990s. Atlantic hosted races enjoyed peak numbers for attendance in the early 2000s in Nova Scotia and again more recently in New Brunswick. Over the last 20 years many companies have come and gone, with precious few lasting more than a few years. These “peak” numbers for adventure races would consist of slightly over 20 teams for 24 hr or longer races, and only slightly more for shorter races. Non-peak years would see poor numbers at races, and often race directors would find themselves frustrated at low numbers, high costs and effectively a net loss on top of countless hours of effort. These frustrations have led to less events, and without continuity the community doesn’t grow.

Race Atlantic wants to help. Race Atlantic wants to help produce new standards for what the community can consider a well attended race, and as well to help produce consistency in race attendance; all of which will hopefully lead to more adventure races.

We are enthusiastically looking for individuals and organizations that want to be part of Race Atlantic and help grow the sport we love.

More adventure is good adventure.